When Life Throws you Lemons try Kubera Mudra!

Illustration of Kubera Mudra with lemons

In my own experience, I feel the power of Kubera mudra almost instantly. It can be directed at life’s big events or questions, down to little, everyday occurrences like finding a car spot – and I must say, it’s worked for me when I’ve tried it!

Meditation and Muscle Memory

My Mum leaping in the air in her ballet days during the 1960s London

These early experiences instilled in me a certain ‘muscle memory’ – that ‘somewhere else’ was a real place. It was an expansive sense of self that existed right alongside the ‘everyday’ me.

Yoga Mudras for Immunity

Illustration of Linga and Prana Mudra blog header

In these fast-paced times, it feels like we need all the help we can get. Why not try mudras? Build the fire of resilience within, with Prana and Linga mudra. Both these mudras build pranic energy and boost immunity!

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