Mudra for World Peace

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I wonder for a moment … if those perpetuating war stopped for a second, took a deep breath and found themselves, their hearts, their minds bathed in the loving embrace of complete peace. Would their perspective shift, even just a little?

When Tough Times Hit

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Yoga philosophy provides a lot of wisdom when staring down the barrel of life’s unexpected challenges, but today I’d like to share the angle that is perhaps most important to remember: that everything is temporary.

What are Mudras?

Person performing Padma Mudra

Mudras are sacred hand gestures used in yoga and meditation to promote specific states of consciousness or energy flows in the body. Mudra translates to ‘seal’ or ‘lock’, meaning we are locking and activating a particular pranic pattern within our physical bodies, to aid in healing and/or spiritual growth.

Apan Mudra for New Beginnings

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Apan mudra is a beautiful, multifaceted mudra that assists and nourishes us as we move into a new phase of our lives…

Meditation and Muscle Memory

My Mum leaping in the air in her ballet days during the 1960s London

These early experiences instilled in me a certain ‘muscle memory’ – that ‘somewhere else’ was a real place. It was an expansive sense of self that existed right alongside the ‘everyday’ me.

Yoga Mudras for Immunity

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In these fast-paced times, it feels like we need all the help we can get. Why not try mudras? Build the fire of resilience within, with Prana and Linga mudra. Both these mudras build pranic energy and boost immunity!